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A “Mantra” can be defined as a sound, syllable, word or a group of words that are considered capable of creating a transformation. A transformation can be subtle or radical. Regardless of its intensity, it should bring about a positive change. One that can drive something forward.

Built upon this principle, Mantra Events & Promotions is dedicated to transform our client’s vision into reality and progress by blending it with our concepts, ideas and expertise.

Mantra is a corporate arm of Sankalp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Sankalp Entertainment gave its debut performance in 1994 and since then has created a strong niche for itself by producing events and entertaining millions of people. On the other hand, Mantra manages events and promotions for corporate bodies globally.

We strive to create a superior product that promises an almost magical experience for each and every one of our clients. We offer a complete gamut of services including Advertising, Digital Media, Data-driven Marketing, Retail Design and Visual Merchandising, Experiential Marketing (Promotions, Events, Rural), Content Creation, Strategy and Design Consultancy.

Mantra aims to be one of the premier Branding & Marketing consultants across India offering end to end
consultation and solutions.


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